Kennel Sletthallen was founded in 1974 and we imported our first American dogs.

We have continually worked at improving bloodlines. Several English Setters have been imported at regular intervals throughout the years and the effects of interbreeding have been outstanding.

The first American dogs who came to this country often roamed too far and were not always easily trained. Nowadays we have created a bloodline which suits our temperament and our terrain. Several dogs have also done well in the show-ring.

In 2005 we participated in International trials for the first time as some of our dogs had qualified for The World Championship and The European Cup. Primarly we looked forward to seeing dogs from other countries and meeting people with the same passion for pointing dogs as ourselves. The type of trial and rules are very different from the Norwegian grouse trials in the mountains. However, we were very pleased that one of our dogs, Sletthallens Cash, also made a good impression for foreign judges. During our stay he got prizes four days - 3xTres Bon and 3. excellence. Cash was also on the Norwegian team which placed third in the World Championship.

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